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scanning her surroundings
8.10.07 05:22

Coastal path

Me climbing down a steep part of the sentier littoral à St. Jean du Doigt.
8.10.07 05:11


And then there is the beginning of the Leaf cardigan. I like the colours a lot and the way they appear differently depending on the width of the stripe and the neighbouring colours. And knitting with this cotton yarn in such a loose gauge is really a nice change from the tight knitting of Cromarty.
4.10.07 12:09

Lorna’s Laces safari

The two skeins are wound it center-pull balls. While we were watching Le Roi Soleil, a French musical. Bought the DVD in Bretagne back in may and finally came around to watch it… Liked it very much.
4.10.07 12:09

Cromarty progress

Sleeves are done! Shoulder seams on one side are closed. I am very careful with the seaming as I want this sweater that took me soooo long to be finished not to be messed up by lousy seams. And so far I am very pleased with the result.
4.10.07 12:08


is very useful these days. In the morning when it is really chilly I wrap it aroundmy neck several times

and then in the afternoon I show all it's beauty
24.9.07 21:07


Finally managed to edit and link the pictures to go with previous posts!
24.9.07 20:41

That weekend was quite good!

Running errands and been grocery shopping on Saturday with a walk with the dogs in between, doing some obedience practice with all of them.

Then I pretended being in holidays in France: Having a delicious dinner with homegrown tomatoes, fishsoup with sauce rouille, grated cheese and baguette and a nice salad with my best homemade vinaigrette, cheese and yoghurt for dessert.

And then we watched the 80’s show on French TV. Really funny, some good music, Roch Voisine singing Helene.

Sunday morning it continued, I first did what had to be done, then settled down in the sun and later shade on the balcony with my knitting, watching the birds both wild and ours, watching the dogs sleeping in the sun, listening to French radio Cherie FM, having nice drinks that made me think of France like lemonade made from lemon syrup…
24.9.07 20:19

I got quite a good part on the Cromarty sleeves done! Up to the part where it is only the shoulder saddle. Quite fast now, only one more pattern repeat of 30 rows to do.

And to relax my hands from that tight knitting I started
Leaf in Fibonacci stripes in greens, oranges and browns.
24.9.07 20:17

New crochet magazine

Hard to resist ordering because there are several patterns I like very much: Interweave Crochet , but I think I won’t as I already have more patterns I’d love to do than I can do in my whole life…
19.9.07 05:36

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