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More yarn

These are two special skeins of wool from sheep from our area ... weiterlesen
1.4.06 19:11

There's no place in this world worth dying for..

was the tune I woke up with this morning. It was just inside my head but I could hear it so clearly.... weiterlesen
5.4.06 20:30

6SoxKAL Sixth sense

This is the brand new sock, I am using Socks that Rock yarn in the colourway "Lagoon" that I got as ... weiterlesen
5.4.06 20:43

6th sense

I completed the first sock yesterday and it feels so good on my foot...... weiterlesen
18.4.06 19:47


I did 2 x 10 minutes and than about 5, knees were hurting. I really have to continue this as it is g... weiterlesen
18.4.06 19:51

I am still here...

and was at another great Julian Dawson concert last night! He and Richard seemed to have even more f... weiterlesen
27.4.06 20:16

A finished object

27.4.06 20:20

Works in progress

There are my socks knitted the other way round, it is a pattern from the Opal website. The yarn real... weiterlesen
27.4.06 20:24

And new yarn

Lorna's Laces in gorgeous colours! From left to right: safari, somerset, bucks bar, glenwood, clay a... weiterlesen
27.4.06 20:25

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