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It's quiet over here

Ok, I have to admit I am too busy to update regularly...... weiterlesen
9.8.07 06:50

update on my knitting

I stopped knitting everything except the Cromarty sweater or it will never be finished. When I had d... weiterlesen
9.8.07 06:55

Error found / weather

I finally found out what was wrong with those pictures!!! And fixed them... Two days ago it was rea... weiterlesen
9.8.07 07:00

On the knitting front nothing new. Just a row or two per day on the second sleeve, am now to the poi... weiterlesen
10.8.07 19:58

Friday pm thoughts

Rain wasn't as heavy as it was thought to be, still lots of damage done in south western Germany and... weiterlesen
10.8.07 20:01

Knitted again while watching TV, Cromarty sleeves are 3 inches long. I think it was a good idea to k... weiterlesen
13.8.07 12:04

Had a quiet Saturday evening with knitting and later watching wandering stars from our balcony. Slep... weiterlesen
13.8.07 12:06


Is definitely “growing” now! Done to row 98 actually. I decided to do both sleeves at once, on a ci... weiterlesen
30.8.07 21:17

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