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Baby socks

These I knit a for a friend of ours who is expecting her first baby. It was the first time that I'v... weiterlesen
3.9.07 05:02

Current WIPs

I have stopped taking the Cromarty sleeves to work to knit them during breakfast and lunch breaks a... weiterlesen
6.9.07 05:20

Josy The old wise lady, queen of the pack. Mostly very cool and calm can also act weird, eg if the l... weiterlesen
12.9.07 05:12

New hat

For Sweetheart is what I’d like to knit as it starts to get cold early in the mornings, I just can’t... weiterlesen
12.9.07 05:14

Update on WIPs

Not too much done these days, the Cromarty sleeves are still growing slowly but steadily as well as ... weiterlesen
12.9.07 05:15


Oh, I think I could get some very serious case of that desease. Not only is there the socks for my S... weiterlesen
13.9.07 21:05

When I was there behind the house to get the yarn back in, I could see the dogs through the french w... weiterlesen
14.9.07 09:11

News about pics

The pictures to go with the last posts are finally taken. And uploaded to the computer. And stored a... weiterlesen
14.9.07 09:13

I can hear even more calls of “knit me”

The Fall 07 Knitty is out with lots of great new patterns. Still not having made any decisions on w... weiterlesen
17.9.07 12:28

I did find the peach and orange yarns very tempting, there is a two coloured ribbon yarn that I’ve n... weiterlesen
18.9.07 21:32

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