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Happy 2008!

I am back in the blog world, but still without pics. Havent been knitting a lot lately but there are... weiterlesen
14.1.08 12:20

My first 5K run

will be on Feb. 21.!!! Exactly five weeks from now. Nothing official and I will be the one and only ... weiterlesen
17.1.08 12:00


Managed to kind of pre-start off with nearly 5 minutes running non stop on the doggie night walk yes... weiterlesen
17.1.08 12:01


Ran 3 times 5 minutes with one minute walking inbetween. It was around 6 pm, I felt ok and had all d... weiterlesen
17.1.08 21:01


Just back from a long walk with the dogs. Ran during that walk 3 times 5 minutes with one minute fas... weiterlesen
19.1.08 15:47

Finished socks

The socks for my Sweetheart made from Regia Galaxy yarn are finished. He immediately put them on and... weiterlesen
25.1.08 05:27


After completing those socks and thinking about what to knit next I decided to finish things first b... weiterlesen
25.1.08 05:32

Sorry for still not posting any new pics!

Now after I have gotten the camera out of the dark and having taken some pictures the batteries are ... weiterlesen
25.1.08 05:33

Weekend is over

... and was very good for my knitting! The second Pretty Sock is nearly done, just the toe decreases... weiterlesen
28.1.08 04:31

Running week 2

Had a cold last week... Felt bad, my heart rate raising already with normal - not even that, with sl... weiterlesen
28.1.08 04:31

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