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Friday pm thoughts

Rain wasn't as heavy as it was thought to be, still lots of damage done in south western Germany and in Switzerland. The high water in the Rhein is supposed to arrive in Mannheim/Ludwigshafen today.

I am glad that this week is over. All week long I had to start work an hour later and work an hour longer as usual. I still come home around 4.30 pm which I know is not really late but I can't believe how much I miss this hour in the evening at home. No - I don't stay up longer at night or sleep longer in the morning, I tried to get some things done in the morning and used the plus time to go for longer morning walks with the dogs. At the beginning of the week because it was still cool before a hot day (and they won't walk happily at 35°C, also I do not want to wait until 9 pm to go for a 1+ hour walk...), right at the end of the week because it was not raining and you'll never know if it would later. Then I had been out of the house doing necessary things in the evenings, so I really DO look forward to this weekend.
10.8.07 20:01

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