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My first 5K run

will be on Feb. 21.!!! Exactly five weeks from now.
Nothing official and I will be the one and only starter. It is just for me. My birthday present from myself. Will hit the 39 on that day. So I have a goal now and an appointment with myself on that day! My plan for training is to run with one of the dogs (in daily turns - they will love it, I am sure!) after their daily "big" walk or after their evening walk. On weekends possibly in the morning.
Not sure yet if I will use my "running 30 minutes non stop as goal" training program that I have started several times yet. Started and then found out again and again that I am not someone who has fun running or that it is inconvenient to get to the place where I can run or...
NO MORE EXCUSES NOW!!! I now live directly at the edge of the fields where I can run safely! There are several possibilities of round courses to take for different distances. Just will have to check the distances once with my bike. Don't have moved the bikes yet, though. Until then I will just run for a certain time not a distance. So I will stick to my old training program (and by the way, 5 kilometers is what can run in about half an hour) And check for a 5K round with the car within the drivable roads. Positive for that!
I feel so full of energy just for having made this decision and having this goal to work for! It's so exciting!
Not sure yet if I will continue blogging about it here or start an extra blog for this, something like "hundgestricktruns" or "running with dogs" :-)
17.1.08 12:00

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