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Managed to kind of pre-start off with nearly 5 minutes running non stop on the doggie night walk yesterday. This was when I had just decided to do what I wrote before, walking fast through the dark, the dogs on leash around me. Just a little step to fall into a slow running pace saying "jogging" quietly as a hint for the dogs. Dingo knows this command and set off stopping to sniff immediatly, touching my knee slightly with his nose, then running happily ahead on a loose leash. I love these little signs of understanding and contact. Flavie ran on a not exactly always loose leash next to him and Josy slightly behind or beside me.
Wearing my raincoat, jeans and Birks this was... will have to get my running shoes from the box in the basement - oh wait, they are no longer in the box, they have a home - and some workout pants from the box in the bedroom - oh wait, I know about at least one pair of pants I can wear for running that is out of any boxes! Need to find a hat in case it rains (hate raindrops on my glasses) in one of some boxes I don't know where they got - oh wait, haven't I seen a box with accessories the othere night? So there is really no excuse not to start properly!
17.1.08 12:01

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