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There is so much out there on the internet that I would love to knit... (after I have finished all my WIPs and UFOs). As well as those many that I already have bookmarked or printed out or that are in my books and magazines. But I have yarn in stash that I WILL USE before I buy anything new. So isn't it a need to look around...
I am still not sure what to do with my precious yarn from the Odenwald sheep as well as the even more precious Ouessant yarn as brought from the island under difficult circumstances (but the island is worth the trip with all the suffering I went through on the boat!). And the alpaca. And the blue mohair.
Am so looking forward to see all my yarns and books and magazines again and sort through and decide what gorgeous things to do.
Not to speak of the sock yarn... will continue knitting from that stash, too. Next socks to knit are for Sweetheart again, Regia 6ply Tweed is wanted. Have some jeans blue, some navy blue and and some light grey he can choose from. And then another Lorna's Laces for me or also 6ply Tweed depending on the weather that we'll have then. Right now it is more spring like and I tend to the LL but it might get cold again and I could need some warmer socks being outside a lot.
But first of all I NEED and WANT and WILL free some of my needles! This is fun, too! (If I come across something that is no more fun I'll rip it!!!)
30.1.08 05:16

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