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More on the sideways sock

I just did some counting:
I have a gauge of 8 st/inch
used 20 stitches for the cuff, 33 stitiches for the leg, 41 stitches for the foot. 51 rows between the heel parts.

I think for the toe you could do just your usual preferred toe once you have picked up the stitches and got them with decreases to your usual number. This time I just wanted to follow the pattern to see how it comes out, but next time I will do my usual toe that will give me a left and a right sock and fits my toes perfectly (decreasing every round on the little toe side and on the big toe side every other round for 5 or 6 stitches then each round until I have about 8 or 6 stiches left on top and on bottom of the foot). I see no reason why not being able to do this.

The seam between foot and toe is no problem for me, but one of the reasons my Sweetheart loves his handknits socks so much is just that missing seam that usually is there in storebought socks, even if made from thick wool yarn!
Another thing I want to change is the heel part, will see what I will come up with here...
Stretch is no problem for me with this first sock I have finished, but well I haven't really worn it for much walking, just tried it on and left it there while starting the second sock. *lol*

I can recommend to anyone who wants to knit these socks to do the math after having swatched or just count from socks you already have made with similar yarn and same needles to see what gauge you have and how many stitches you need for your desired length for the different parts of the sock.
9.1.07 12:07

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