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Doilies as blankets

For out new couch in the new living room I want to try knitting a doily in thicker yarn to make a blanket, just as the Hemlock-ring-blanket . The... weiterlesen
30.1.08 05:37


There is so much out there on the internet that I would love to knit... (after I have finished all my WIPs and UFOs). As well as those many that I ... weiterlesen
30.1.08 05:16

The other project

I am slowly working on is an improvised scarf made from greenish leftovers. I think it will be more of a decoratif piece than a warming one but we'... weiterlesen
29.1.08 04:41

Next project ...

I chose to finish will be the vest I made for Sweetheart's birthday. As I wasn't sure for the length I didn't finish it at the shoulders. How right... weiterlesen
29.1.08 04:40

Happy 2008!

I am back in the blog world, but still without pics. Havent been knitting a lot lately but there are still some FOs as the pair of socks for Sweet... weiterlesen
14.1.08 12:20

Knitting news

Now that Sweetheart's birthday is over I can finally tell that I have two new FOs: a hat (Tychus from Knitty) in different shades of grey, and a sc... weiterlesen
26.11.07 04:59


And then there is the beginning of the Leaf cardigan. I like the colours a lot and the way they appear differently depending on the width of the st... weiterlesen
4.10.07 12:09

Cromarty progress

Sleeves are done! Shoulder seams on one side are closed. I am very careful with the seaming as I want this sweater that took me soooo long to be fi... weiterlesen
4.10.07 12:08


is very useful these days. In the morning when it is really chilly I wrap it aroundmy neck several times and then in the afternoon I show all ... weiterlesen
24.9.07 21:07

I got quite a good part on the Cromarty sleeves done! Up to the part where it is only the shoulder saddle. Quite fast now, only one more pattern re... weiterlesen
24.9.07 20:17

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