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Finished socks

The Pretty socks are finished and I am actually wearing them. They definitely are pretty and feel very good. weiterlesen
29.1.08 04:37

Weekend is over

... and was very good for my knitting! The second Pretty Sock is nearly done, just the toe decreases are missing. Might get that done tonight. Make... weiterlesen
28.1.08 04:31


After completing those socks and thinking about what to knit next I decided to finish things first before starting something new - so I pulled out ... weiterlesen
25.1.08 05:32

Finished socks

The socks for my Sweetheart made from Regia Galaxy yarn are finished. He immediately put them on and likes them. Colour, touch, the way the "galaxi... weiterlesen
25.1.08 05:27


The socks are finished! They look great. Will start a pair for me now from the remaining yarn, also toe-up and see how far I'll get. Sorry for not ... weiterlesen
12.12.07 09:15

More progress

Glad that I've finally got back to knitting a bit more. Nearly finished the second sock for my Sweetheart. Toe-up, Lorna's Laces in spiralling brow... weiterlesen
10.12.07 05:13

Lorna's Laces

Knit toe up this time, Sweetheart's sock is advancing and seems to fit so far. On trying it on it seems it might be a bit short but I had a well fi... weiterlesen
22.10.07 19:31

LL Safari for Sweetheart

Checking out the picture I saw that you can see my foot in Broadripple sock and green Birks through the bars of the table... News: Frogged! T... weiterlesen
9.10.07 16:18

Lorna’s Laces safari

The two skeins are wound it center-pull balls. While we were watching Le Roi Soleil, a French musical. Bought the DVD in Bretagne back in may and f... weiterlesen
4.10.07 12:09

Baby socks

These I knit a for a friend of ours who is expecting her first baby. It was the first time that I've knitted socks this tiny. Didn't like knittin... weiterlesen
3.9.07 05:02

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