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Error found / weather

I finally found out what was wrong with those pictures!!! And fixed them... Two days ago it was really hot, just as you would imagine for the be... weiterlesen
9.8.07 07:00

It's quiet over here

Ok, I have to admit I am too busy to update regularly... weiterlesen
9.8.07 06:50

16.7.07 19:11

500 Choristes sur TF1

Magnifique comme toujours, d'entendre des chansons chantées de tellement de personnes. Mon favorit cette fois: Patrick Bruel! Il va chanter à Brest... weiterlesen
8.4.07 10:09


My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is: Countess-Palatine Tina the Formidable of Chignall Duntisbourne Get your Peculiar Aristocrat... weiterlesen
16.2.07 18:38

New here…

First I found that cute clock I just had to have over here! Now everyone from around the big world can see which time it for me when he is surfing ... weiterlesen
7.2.07 12:11

latest news:

I just made my sweetheart get me an old palm organizer at ebay. Haven't ever had the need of an electronic organizer before, but with all my adress... weiterlesen
2.1.07 21:06


is really weird right now, yesterday was more as it is like in April then in January - around 10 °C, strong wind and heavy rain from dark clouds, ... weiterlesen
2.1.07 21:04

31.12.06 11:47

Last night

we drove to Strasbourg, France. Well, sweet darling drove and I had planned to have some great knitting time! But I was so exhausted from my week t... weiterlesen
7.10.06 18:36

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